Friday February 9th 3:30
SD AAPT Annual Meeting
This is the annual meeting of the South Dakota Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (SD AAPT). During the meeting, the group will share experiences, classroom activities, and seek answers to questions and problems. Everyone is welcomed to attend and bring their physics and physical science questions.

As of the deadline for entries, the only Photo Contest entry received is below.

Seeing Double
Mirrors reflect rays of light which allows us to view an image. The angle of reflection and angle of incidence can be calculated in order to determine exactly how the image is being created based on how the rays of light are reflected off of the mirror. A two-way mirror functions a little differently. A two-way mirror involves light intensity, which controls the image that can be seen from both sides. By manipulating the amount of light on each side of the two-way mirror, the images seen in the mirror can be modified and even amalgamated, as shown in the photo submitted. Therefore, the variation in the light intensity on each side of the two-way mirror caused the images to appear “combined.”

Congrats to Madison Hetland from Mitchell.